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Increasing scam\phishing attempts

We are seeing a steady increase in not only the number of scam\phishing emails but also the professional quality of them.

There are generally two types, the first is designed to capture your login information by getting you to enter your details into a fake site and the second leverage’s the first by generating fake invoice’s to get you to process fraudlent bank transfers.

They are both becoming more sophisticated and it is difficult to tell the fake ones from the real ones. The fake invoices look geninue they have company names, logos, telephone numbers and signatures but there are usually subtle differences that you can spot.

Please do not be taken in by these. Our advice is to always double check before you do anything:

  • If in any doubt contact your IT support provider. They would much rather you keep calling them to ask if this is ok than spend the time analysing and tidying up the system if it becomes compromised.
  • Do not click on links. You can hover the mouse over a link to see where it is actually going without clicking on it and quite often they will not be going where it looks like they should. If you want to check open a new Internet browser session and go directly to the site you know rather than clicking on the link.
  • If you receive anything asking you to process an unexpected invoice or to change bank details, call the sender (do not reply to the email as the email may be compromised) to double check it and use the telephone number that you have on your system or look up their website do not use telephone numbers that are shown on the email or invoice. The sender will be more than happy for you to double check than having to deal with incorrect payments being made
  • If you do click a link and it takes you to a page that asks for your login and password, please take a minute to confirm that it is genuine. Ideally don’t follow the link at all but open your own Internet browser and go to the website (such as Office 365) directly then login
  • Do not install any software or applications on your system unless you know what it is and why it needs to be installed

If you think you may have entered your password details or processed a payment that didn’t “feel right” then please immediately go to the correct system via your own links and change your password to stop any further activity. If a financial transaction has been involved contact your bank and get your IT support to double check everything.

These are mostly driven with a sense of urgency:

  • Act now or your account will be disabled
  • Process the payment now or we will pass to solicitors
  • Our systems have detected that your account has been compromised please click here immediately to change your password
  • They also often come out at the end of the day or a Friday so that you are limited in who you can call to double check its ok

If in any doubt at all please contact your IT support, if you don’t have any IT support contact us and we will advise you free of charge. (01224) 825678

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