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We are often asked “what is…..” or “what does ….. mean” so we have added this section to try to help

This is very much designed to be a non-technical and jargon free perspective to give you an overview of the various technologies.

If there is something that you would like us to explain just let us know (even if you are not currently a customer)

Service Levels


Providing IT support is our passion and we pride ourselves on how we assist and deal with our customers.

To give you a flavour on how we respond our service levels are below. Note that these are very much the worst case as we always aim to better them:

For our fixed price and bank of hours services we provide:

  • 1 hour response to telephone calls (normally answered immediately or call returned within 1 hour if message left)
  • 2 hour response for an engineer to start work on a major fault
  • 4 hour response for an engineer to start work on a standard fault
  • Next business day response to all other requests
  • Reasonable endeavours support outside normal operating hours unless extended or 24x7 support is in place

Fault and request categories are:

  • Minor Fault = any fault which has a minor impact on normal operation and a work around is available
  • Standard Fault = any fault that affects only one person and a work around is not available
  • Major Fault = any fault that affects more than one person and a work around is not available
  • Requests = a request for a new item or a change to an existing item

For IT services that you can trust please contact us to see how we can improve your service

Simple Black Boxes



Backups are essential to every business no matter their size.

Backup tape drive

Backups have two main purposes:

  • First and foremost they protect your files against accidental deletion or hardware failure
  • Secondly they provide point in time archives of your files so you can go back in time to recover them if needed

In both cases the key is to take a copy of your files from your server (or wherever they are located) and place them on external media. This external media could be backup tape, external backup drives or offsite cloud storage locations.

It is critical that you have more than one piece of external media (or more than one copy in cloud storage) as you have to have one offsite at all times to protect against a disaster recovery situation. As the offsite copy is not physically connected to your systems they are safe from corruption or virus attacks and give a way to recover from ransomware viruses.

Archiving is generally cheapest when written to tape and this means that you keep multiple copies of your files usually once per week for 4 weeks and then once per month for at least 12 months. This allows you to restore from multiple points in time so if someone accidentally deletes a file or changes its content incorrectly and you don’t notice until after your normal backup media has been overwritten the archive is the only way to get these files back.

As we provide IT support to our customers in and around Aberdeen we ensure that we fully manage their backups and how they operate as our customers rely on us to be able to restore files if required.

If you require more information or would like us to give you some free advice on your backups simply give us a call