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What We Do

We believe in keeping things simple and this is a philosophy that has been proven over time and again when it comes to keeping your IT infrastructure stable and delivering the service that your business deserves.

Whilst keeping things as simple as possible improves stability and performance IT systems are complex and things do go wrong with them. Our services are tailored to deal with this in a responsive and professional manner.

There are many technical options and IT systems that you can use so please see our resources page for some jargon free information on what it all means.

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Fixed Price IT Support

This is our flagship service and is relevant to all businesses no matter their size. Put quite simply it gives you full access to our IT services at a standard fixed monthly costs based on the number of computers you have.

This means that you can contact us as many times as you need and the cost remains the same. This very much puts the onus on US to not only resolve problems quickly and efficiently but also to ensure that your systems are well maintained so you don’t need to call us in the first place.

Unlike some of our competitors when we say fixed price we mean it so whilst our service is priced around the number of computers you have it includes the peripheral systems that go with it. Such as USB drives, printers & smartphones.

  • Fixed monthly cost no matter how many times you need us*
  • With the exception of major projects the fixed fee covers all the costs associated with the supported systems
  • Service level’s ensure all our customers receive a rapid and prompt service
  • Server remote monitoring and pro-active maintenance is included. (All servers have security updates applied in the evening each month)
  • You get access to a dedicated engineer who gets to know you and your IT needs

*Minimum term of 12 months

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Ad Hoc

Ad-hoc Support

Where a fixed price model doesn’t suit your needs we provide access to our same engineers and service on an ad-hoc basis. This is very much the traditional IT support service where you simply call us when you need and we bill you based on the amount of time we spend with you.

Our ad-hoc service is delivered by the same engineers that provide our fixed price service so you get the same quality however there are no service level’s and where needed we will prioritise our fixed price customers.

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Bank of Hours

Bank of Hours

This is a halfway house between ad-hoc and fixed price in that you get the same ad-hoc service but with the service levels that apply to our fixed price service. In essence you pre-purchase a minimum of 10 hours and use these up over time as you need them.

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Offsite backup

Offsite Backup

Backups are arguably the most important part of your IT system unfortunately it is not until you need them that you sometimes find that they are either not in place or not working.

We have always been focused on providing a simple and great service and offsite backups was one of our very first as not only does it ensure your peace of mind it also ensures that we can restore your data in the event of a problem.

We have two different options depending on the speed of your Internet connection where we either backup directly to a drive attached to your service and a courier collects it once per week or we backup your systems directly to a system we provide you with onsite and that replicates to our data centre over your Internet connection.

Please see our “How do our backups work” section in resources.

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Hardware & Software

Hardware/Software Supply & Configuration

We can supply almost any kind of IT hardware or software you may need and with our buying power from the main vendors we can get it at very competitive prices.

We always verify that whatever you are purchasing is suitable for your business needs and you have suitable surrounding components to get the best from it.

Also remember that apart from major projects the cost of installation and configuration is covered under our fixed price service for our customers.

If you are thinking of making an IT purchase, please let us know.

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