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About Us

Established in 2005, our aim is to provide high quality and affordable enterprise-grade IT services to small and medium businesses.

The company name derives from the idea of a SIMple BLack bOX where a computer system can be considered as a black box. This way you make use of the “box” to do your job without having to worry about how it works. If there are any issues you simply give us a call.

Advances in technology particularly since COVID-19 mean that we resolve the majority of issues remotely. However with our head office in Bridge of Don and engineers based from home we are ideally positioned to quickly get to customer sites throughout Aberdeen & Aberdeenshire.

Technology changes for everyone and this is no different for us. We are continually investing and developing the best systems and solutions to monitor, manage, document and maintain your systems.

The ever expanding security landscape means that we keep on top of the risks to keep our customers secure. This goes hand in hand with the seemingly never ending introduction of new features and technologies that allow you to operate more effectively as well as introducing new solutions to meet your business needs.

We have several philosophies that include:

  • Keep it simple
  • Customer service is key; technology is second
  • The business need drives technology not the other way around
  • Our engineers exist to help and support you and your employees

Contact us to find out how these philosophies can benefit your IT.

Our History

We have been steadily growing since 2005 whilst maintaining the quality of service that is the key to our success. We now employee twelve staff and have clients from Perth to Elgin.

We believe that customer service deserves just as much focus as the technical side and the way we have operated right from the very beginning reflects this.

We know it works as we still look after customers that we started with 17 years ago and the majority of our growth has come from our customers telling others how great we are.

As we have grown we have developed our expertise to provide IT services across various sectors. Whilst the core business IT requirements are similar across businesses each one has its own unique elements.

This includes the following sectors: business services\consulting, construction, financial, energy and renewables, engineering, legal and manufacturing

Where We Are Going

If a company is not developing, then it is falling behind its competition. We are always looking to grow, but this will never be at the expense of the personal level of support and service that has made us great so far.

The only way that we can maintain this is to have the best employees who all understand and believe in what we do. This doesn’t just mean technical genius but also providing excellent customer service, which will always go hand-in-hand at Simblox.

Our goal is to become fully employee owned. We believe this is the best way to reward our employees for the work that they do and always to give their best.

Our Partnerships