How to Deal with Scam Emails


Please be on the lookout for another scam email, this time pretending to be from your HR department.

It looks to be from your HR department and encourages you to click a the link to retrieve your new employee benefits.

Whilst most people are used to spotting a scam email where it tells you that you account has been compromised or your subscription is going to expire. This one is more sophisticated in that it is directly targeting employees with supposed benefits and it is designed to look like it comes from the HR department.

Please do not click on the links and always be careful if you receive any type of email that is unexpected and it asks to click, or install or open something.

The scam email will be similar to below:

“Dear Mark, Its another month and as a recap for an update to the Simblox-tech Employee Benefits Eligibility Policy, attached herein is a duplicate of our Core Values and Operating Behaviors. Simblox-tech Representatives in the accompanying business classification(s) are qualified for the Simblox-tech EMPLOYEE BENEFITS as depicted in this attached Policy. Every worker will be considered responsible for these qualities to guarantee our continued growth and success. Kindly audit and approve the attached segment so we can continue. Simblox-tech HR DEPARTMENT CONFIDENTIAL: The information contained in this electronic mail message is intended for the named recipients only. This message contains material that is privileged, confidential, proprietary and trade secret and otherwise protected from disclosure”

Simblox are an IT provider based in Aberdeen and provide IT support and consultancy to business in the local and surrounding area. With a customer service focus we are more than happy to help not only our existing customers but also to advise any business on the best way to manage their IT investment