The technology required to allow us to work from home has been around for a long time but for the most part this wasn’t standard practice for many people\businesses but will that still be the case post lockdown? Having to work from home presents some new challenges but it also clearly demonstrates how easy it is to access business services and systems from anywhere. Some things to think about both now and going forward: SecurityAntivirus\Anti-spam\Anti-phishingWhat about those home devices that are now connecting to the office VPN?Health and SafetyYou don’t realise how bad a seat can be for you until you spend all day on a kitchen seatWhat about DSE it is just as important for you to have a comfortable and safe work environment at home as it is in the officeHeadsets to avoid neck strains OthersPrintingWe already know that two monitors increase productivity in the office, its no

We are receiving higher than normal requests at the moment for assistance with remote access and home working. To help facilitate our customers being able to work from home we are prioritising these activities over other requests. We will get to everything in time but if you could email if your request is not urgent or related to remote working rather than calling that would be appreciated. Our first line, sales and accounts staff are already working from home with the rest of our engineers completing planned site visits this week. At present we are not scheduling any site visits beyond this week until things settle down and we can plan appropriately. We appreciate your help and understanding

Microsoft manage a significant number of login accounts and have advanced systems in place to detect attempts to compromise accounts. However with so many easy to guess passwords and people being tricked into giving up their password through phishing scams a large number of accounts are compromised every month. Progress is being made towards removing passwords completely by using biometric devices but this is still a long way from being adopted by everyone. In the meantime multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a good way to make it much harder for people to compromise your account. Microsoft have stated that 99.9% of the compromised accounts they detect do not have MFA enabled and by simply enabling MFA you can significantly improve your security. This is reflected in the Microsoft Security Score where enabling MFA for admin accounts gives a boost of 50 points and you can get another 30 by enabling it

Simblox an ambitious IT provider in Aberdeen is looking for a Sales Professional to join the team and generate new business revenue. The primary focus will be on new business development in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. You will be target driven with a clear passion for managing a sales pipeline in a B2B environment. You will be consultative in your nature and confident in discussing the features and benefits of our managed IT service. Whilst we do not require a technical background, experience selling IT services and products will be an advantage. We are a value’s-based company so your own values should align with ours: Always operate with honesty and integrityAlways provide great customer serviceAlways seek out the simplest solutionAlways innovatingAlways work as a team You will be accountable for the following: Identifying and winning new businessConsultatively advising on customers technical requirementsAchievement of agreed targets and KPI’sEnsuring you support our company

Please be on the lookout for another scam email, this time pretending to be from your HR department. It looks to be from your HR department and encourages you to click a the link to retrieve your new employee benefits. Whilst most people are used to spotting a scam email where it tells you that you account has been compromised or your subscription is going to expire. This one is more sophisticated in that it is directly targeting employees with supposed benefits and it is designed to look like it comes from the HR department. Please do not click on the links and always be careful if you receive any type of email that is unexpected and it asks to click, or install or open something. The scam email will be similar to below: “Dear Mark, Its another month and as a recap for an update to the Simblox-tech Employee