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Our IT Services

Here at Simblox, we offer a range of IT services, from IT support that fits your business model to hardware and software supply and configuration, cloud services and cyber security.

Our aim is to ensure you can have all the IT support you need for your business, without it having to be complicated. We focus on the technical side of things and make sure any service or support we provide is easy for you to understand and can be tailored to your business requirements. This helps to remove any additional stress, giving you more time to focus on running your business.

IT Hardware

IT Support

We provide fixed price IT support, which offers you a fully managed service at a fixed monthly fee, depending on your number of employees. We also offer fixed price cloud services. If you don’t want to commit to a monthly fee, we have an ad-hoc, pay as you go service available.

IT Server

Hardware &  Software Supply & Configuration

Getting your hardware and software through SImblox ensures competitive prices for high-quality equipment. Simblox can even assist with hardware lifetime budgeting, keeping hardware up-to-date and helping your business to continue running as efficiently as possible.

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Cloud Services

Provided through subscription-based models, Simblox offers several cloud services. These include migrating to cloud servers to help keep your business competitive, cloud back up, which has a range of benefits including minimal hardware and more protection, and transitioning to Office 365, which is one of the world’s leading communication systems.

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Cyber security is becoming increasingly important and Simblox is here to support your business by implementing key cyber security measures. From phish testing and awareness training to password protection and multi-factor authentication, and security score improvement, we have got you covered.