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At Simblox, we offer cloud services to help you save costs, improve accessibility and collaboration for your team and improve data security across the business. Cloud migration offers a range of benefits, including increased reliability and flexibility, and Simblox will work with your business to ensure your specific needs are met, removing the strain of deciding to migrate to the cloud.

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The cloud services we offer are:

Our services are provided on a subscription-based model, which gives you the flexibility you require for your business and will likely lead to notable savings in cost.

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Cloud Servers and Migration


Do you still need a local server?

Migrating to the cloud gives your business the opportunity to compete more effectively with organisations of any age or size, as it gives your firm access to leading technology. It’s also a cost-effective and flexible solution, which simultaneously helps improve your company collaboration. Let’s not forget that cloud servers also offer data protection, giving you peace of mind when it comes to keeping your business information secure. 


Benefits of migrating to the cloud

There are many benefits of migrating to the cloud and these include:

  • Cost and space savings on physical hardware
  • Improved reliability which prevents downtime – this world-class technology ensures everything runs smoothly, leading to fewer issues and reduced frustration among employees.
  • Continuously updated technology  – this means avoiding server migrations or and inconvenient downtime for maintenance.
  • Increased flexibility and efficiency – employees can access the cloud from any base, improving the productivity of the company and offering flexible solutions to team members.
  • Seamless transition – migrating to the cloud is not as scary as it may seem. Simblox will work alongside your business to ensure the migration is as quick and easy as possible, ensuring minimal disruption to you and your team.
  • Cost-effective solution – our subscription-based model ensures you only pay for the resources your business needs, which can help you save money. Migrating to the cloud also means scaling up your business in the future will be more simple, efficient and will not require investing in more hardware.
  • Enhanced security – cloud networks tend to provide extremely securely servers, protecting you and your data as much as possible.

If you would like to find out more about the cloud and see our FAQs, please visit our blog here.

Cloud Backup

  • Your data is likely to be one of the most important aspects of your business. That’s why Cloud Backup and Cloud Storage are so beneficial in today’s working environment. 
  • With Simblox’s Cloud Backup services, your data will be stored and backed up on a secure cloud server, ensuring you are protected should a disaster occur. 
  • No matter what the incident: power outage, system failure or even a natural disaster such as flooding or fire, the cloud makes creating a disaster recovery plan that much easier. 
  • This ensures business continuity and once again prevents downtime and eliminates the risk of financial loss, all while fully protecting your data.


Benefits of choosing to use Cloud Backup

In addition to the clear benefits explained above, there are several other advantages of using Cloud Backup.

  • As the Cloud Backup is online, it can normally be integrated with your business’s existing technology. This means the high costs of having to buy new hardware to back up files are avoided.
  • This type of data backup is extremely reliable and more flexible than other options, as the files will be accessible wherever you are.
  • Your backed up data is protected and kept secure, which is increasingly important as more and more confidential files are transferred digitally.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is one of the most popular communication systems in the world and offers centralised communication to businesses through Teams and Outlook. The primary benefits of Microsoft 365 are that it has unparalleled storage capabilities, helps prevent downtime, enhances security, and therefore helps improve productivity for its users. Choosing this leading technology helps keep your business on top of its game and enables you to continue challenging competitors. To find out more detailed information visit our Microsoft 365 blog.


Simblox will work alongside your Aberdeen business to ensure a seamless transition to Microsoft 365, making the process easier for you and enabling you to save both time and money.

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Why Choose Simblox for Cloud Services?

As always, Simblox’s priority is making sure your business migrating to the cloud is as simple as possible and is easy to understand. This means we deal with the technical side of things. Our key focus is ensuring your data is secure and protected, and that we can make any subscription changes you require seamlessly, leaving you more time to run your business.