Excellent service from your engineer when installing the new memory into my laptop! Quick and efficient.
Please issue Henry Stewart a gold star for resolving my ticket.
I had an issue with Adobe InDesign and Mal helped me. He was very helpful and managed to fix the issue promptly. Thanks Mal! Great job
Hi Liam, Thanks for your help and as ever the service has been from Brilliant!
Gold star please for this ticket.
Thanks for the fast and efficient fix to this one.
Hello, Thank you for your help a moment ago. Fantastic service by GPullar. He was very helpful and fixed it quickly (and made it look very easy). I hope you have a lovely day.
Thank you. George sorted out my problem this morning, calmly and efficiently. What would I do without you all? Revert to pen and paper.
I called Mark and within 5 minutes password was reset and all was good to go.
Gold Star to be awarded to Jamie! Our new PCs all installed painlessly and efficiently, it was a pleasure to have Jamie here, he’s a good communicator and did a great job!