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Fixed Price Support

IT infrastructure is a key component for every business and with the ever evolving technical and security landscape, it is critical that your IT systems are properly looked after and maintained.

Fixed price is our flagship service and it provides you with a fully managed service covering all our labour during normal office hours at a fixed monthly fee.

  • Fixed fee per month based on the number of people you have
  • Proactive monitoring/maintenance and management
  • Jargon free helpful service
  • When you call, you get straight to an engineer and not just a ticket number
  • Service level agreements

With our service, you have peace of mind knowing that if you encounter a problem you simply need to get in touch so we can help and we encourage you to get in touch as soon as you can no matter how small the problem is.

Fixed Price Cloud

This is a new service that effectively combines elements from our other services into a single service which covers everything you need

  • Fixed price support
  • Cloud hosted server(s)
  • Office 365 licencing
  • Endpoint protection
  • Anti-phishing protection, testing and training
24h Support
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Ad-hoc/Bank of Hours

If you don’t need a fully managed service or do not wish to commit to a regular monthly cost then our ad-hoc and bank of hours services are for you.

Essentially bank of hours is a pre-purchase of at least 10 hours which are called off against as you use them whilst Ad-hoc is simply pay as you go.

This gives you access to the same engineering team as our fixed price service, however, it does not include the proactive maintenance and management elements. Additionally, where a similar issue occurs for a fixed price and ad-hoc customer at the same time we will prioritise the fixed price customer.

IT Hardware

Why choose Simblox?

Simblox is an IT managed service provider (MSP), based in Aberdeen Scotland, who looks after small businesses in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire.

With our various support options, you can choose the exact level of support you require and Simblox will tailor its services to suit you.

Whilst we are very technical and look after technical systems, we do so with as little technical jargon and fuss as possible. As a customer, you don’t want to know about the technical elements or technical jargon you just want us to solve technical problems. With this in mind, our engineers focus on customer service and making the whole process as easy as possible for you.